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glan now supports the Apple Watch

- Apple Watch app
- Support for all complication types

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glan is a motivational addiction recovery mobile app

glan in Old Irish means “clean” or “clear”

- Displays your days clean/sober/etc, savings, daily quotes, awards for clean time, and AA/NA/LifeRing/SMART meetings near your location.
- Currently only supports meetings in the greater Sacramento area.
- Free, has no ads, and doesn’t collect any personal data.

glan for iOS is now available in the Apple App Store.

Download glan on App Store

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Shop Nor-Cal Hobbies

Shop Nor-Cal Hobbies is LIVE! Shop Nor-Cal Hobbies is an e-commerce website for a San Jose, CA hobby shop. It was built using Posim Evo and Magento.

Nor-Cal Hobbies Home

Nor-Cal Hobbies Search

Nor-Cal Hobbies Product

Nor-Cal Hobbies Cart

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Gears for iOS Available

Gears for iOS is now available in the Apple App Store.

 Download Nor-Cal Hobbies Gears on App Store

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Gears for Android Updated

1.0.3 is in the Google Play Store.

 Download Nor-Cal Hobbies Gears on Google Play

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In Testing

Soon in the iOS App Store

iGears screen shots

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Moving Swiftly

We are jumping into iOS development using Apple's new Swift programming language. Stay tuned, more info to come...

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Fun With Android

We have been having fun playing around with the Google Android SDK to build a gearing calculator for our good friends over at Nor-Cal Hobbies in Union City, CA. If you are an R/C car or truck racing nut looking for a super easy way to determine gearing on your Android phone right at your pit table, then check out "Gears" at the Android Market. It'll run on phones with Android OS 2.0 and newer. And it is FREE!

Here are some screen shots:

Gears screen shots


ePoc screen shots

ePOC is a high-performance, completely dynamic, online product catalog technology developed by Seamusoft.

ePOC works with any eCommerce solution, and provides automated tools to sync to external databases such as Shopatron.

ePOC works with any Financial or Inventory business software solution, providing import and export functionality.

ePOC is custom configured for each customer's application, doesn't put any constraints on the HTML presentation, and runs on all modern web servers.

ePOC Control Center

ePOC Control Center Main Screen

ePOC Control Center Product Screen

ePOC Control Center Photos Screen

ePOC Control Center Cache Screen

The Werks Racing's website was a "100% Powered By ePOC" site that used all the flexibility and features that ePOC provides. All of the pages were generated dynamically by ePOC, and were completely configurable via the ePOC Control Center. Creating the site was as simple as templating the original HTML design and adding ePOC links and tags which automatically generate/populate the pages with the latest product data.

Werks Racing Home Page

Werks Racing Home Page

Welcome to Seamusoft

Seamusoft specializes in custom software engineering. We build responsive dynamic websites and native Android and iOS mobile apps.

We work in an assortment of languages including C/C++, Java, Objective C, Swift, Python, PHP, etc. Seamusoft engineers have worked at Adobe, Macromedia, Apple, Universal Electronics, and a host of other software/hardware companies, as well as an assortment of Silicon Valley startups.

Our website development expertise is in Graphic Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, jQuery, Backbone, Angular, React, Struts, Spring, Grails, Flask, Magento, SQL, XML, Hibernate, Omniture, just to name a few.

Contact us at